The Heavy @ The Wiltern Sat 6/26

The Heavy @ The Wiltern Sat 6/26
The Heavy opening for Sharon Jones + The Dap Kings

Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday August 23rd - Kirk Fletcher Band _ Harvelles - Santa Monica, CA

Heading out to the show after a little Kayaking - down by the Pier.
Here's to 30 Shows in 60 Days!!!

Go See Live Music - Once a week Once a Month - 30 Shows in 60 days - just go.

Ok, so I went and caught my 30th Show in exactly 60 days - Actually it was more like 32 Shows in 60 days but since 2 of the Shows took place with in a couple of hundred feet of an earlier show on the same night, I decided not to count them towards the official tally.

The Fu Dawgs played two great shows after Pier Concerts, they got billing in one post but could have easily been considered a show on their own. While the ground rules were set

- A Show must be at least an hour of music (can be multiple bands).

- 1 Venue = 1 Show (Headliner & any opening acts count as 1 show total)

there were some challenges to be considered - ultimately a few shows occurred in the same day as other shows but all criteria above was met.

And now onto the final show.......
Show #30 - was not what I expected - Kirk Fletcher and his band played some long instrumentals - his 1st song of the 2nd Set lasted about 15 mins. But with a few songs with Vocals mixed in - 2 by songstress Lisa Forman, the set was actually quite well rounded.

I'm usually tied up with my Monday Night Poker Game and unable to pop into Harvelles - but it was nice to be able to stroll into my favorite neighborhood blues Establishment and saddle up to the bar for a cold beer and some groovin tunes.

I had to work hard to keep up the pace of seeing a show every two days. It sounded so easy when I came up with the Idea some 60 something days ago.... but in the grind I realized it was going to take perseverance and dedication to the task at hand. The Tour was filled with a variety of shows, big and small and some medium sized ones too. Several Venues played host to multiple shows - The Hollywood Bowl, The Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood Park racetrack, Star Party Cruises out of LBC, while others had room for just one stop on the tour. All the shows were special - some more than others but all unforgetable thanks to this blog.

I will continue to post upcoming shows that I attend here - complete with photos and reviews. Music enriches my life - and for the 60 hours or longer that I listened over the last 60 days I'm proud to have made the effort to go see Music in it's purest glory - live and in person. Rock on Los Angeleez.......

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